More About Laura


Laura Donaca is a native Oregonian who spent well over 20 years in the hi-tech industry before following her life-long dream of becoming an interior designer. After obtainer her degree and starting her business, she joined Northwest Society of Interior Designers and took that leap of faith into the Design world. Her positive attitude, high energy and organizational skills make her an absolute delight to work with.

In the late 70’s the electronics and hi-tech industry growing rapidly, Laura was attending college part time with focus in Economics and business when she was hired on at Intel Corporation.  She displayed an overwhelming ability to grasp new technology, learn applications quickly, create artistic presentations and capable of using both logical and creative sides of her brain.  In her first year Laura influenced change of the entire PO tracking and filing systems within the Purchasing Department.  After several different roles within the company and more than two decades later her desire to be an Interior Designer became reality.  Laura attended night school at Portland Community College, obtained her degree and started her business.  With guidance from Kay Davin a respected instructor and Charter member of Northwest Society of Interior Designers, Laura joined the organization and has been a loyal and active member ever since.

Laura Donaca offers affordable interior design services with comfort and flair that are specific to your individual taste and style.  When you are passionate about your work it shows and Laura loves her job and loves helping others.  She is inspired by clients who are in need of change and it is not surprising after spending years in a rapidly evolving industry, working in a diverse environment with constant change that makes dealing with change feel completely natural. 


From the moment she enters the client’s home she notices personal items, colors in a painting or fabric on furniture and the view from outside.  Laura is motivated by nature and carefully considers how the landscaping blends with the interior space.  Laura takes pride in her ability to listen carefully to her clients, understand what inspires them and articulate possible options to satisfy both fit and function in an eye-catching design.  She has access to a variety of product resources and custom items and will coordinate color, texture, furniture, accessories in a harmonious manner for balance throughout your home.